What exactly beyond the app?

Before download, a new app, have you ever thought whether it is safe or not? People usually using apps for several reasons but mostly for entertainment and pleasure, someone recommends it to them, or it is part of the recent wave and everyone use it. Still, the majority of people hardly ever thought about what goes beyond the platform.

Why is the app so popular?

It became quite popular in this period of Covid-19 as people stayed home and relied on social media for entertainment like, take apart on those challenging on TikTok, filming their children, learning, dancing, communicating or watch those videos to laugh and joy. Tiktok company uses artificial intelligence (AI) in the app and that their secret of successes which make them different from other apps in social media .AI allows the users to make a funny, charming, unusual videos. They could also enhance their appearance use those kinds of filters; even their voices cand be changed variously.TikTok considered being the top apps on social media with billions of users (mostly young generation) in just two years.

Recently TikTok appears to the media several times with issues of privacy and data misleading. However, there are a lot of problems with TikTok, from the app itself and also from the way the people use it. For example, bullying, inappropriate content, politics, racism, religions and culture. There is a claim that the data could be access to the Chinese government, which cause a ban of the app in some country like India as they consider it a threat to their national security. The same issues arise with recently in the unites state .lastly Pakistan bans TikTok because the content is not appropriate. Not only those countries there are other countries consider banning TikTok. At first, glanced it seems more political issues. Still, when we read the privacy policy of the app, there was a lot of surprising information.

We investigate several people from different countries regarding the privacy issues on TikTok. To see how much they know about the controversy and whether they actually care. The survey was as the following:

1- Demographic questions.

The response was mainly from the female with 63%, and the male was 36%. The majority from age 12–35years old.

2- Do you use TikTok?

The answers were varied; some people use it and experience some issues such as security, time-consuming, a lot of ads and harmful content. Some do not have the app because they think it is not safe, not interested, don’t like short videos and it is a waste of time

3-Do you think the app is safe?

The majority of people were not sure; however, some of them do think that TikTok is not safe.

4-Do you read the privacy policy?

Unsurprisingly people don’t read the privacy policy when they download the app, what they should have done, as the policy is different from one country to another and to know what exactly the app access in their device and what data has been collected and for what purpose.

5-Do you think TikTok should be banned?

The majority do not think that the app should be banned in their country, and some were not sure.

6- Why do you think TikTok is not safe?

Some mention that the content is not appropriate (especially for young people) when people make fun from everything and everyone which brought several issues like, bullying, disrespect to some culture, religion, etc. We found some interesting responses, one of them was it is a Chinese app meaning it is not trustworthy, so it is definitely not safe. further, some people think no app is secure on the contrary, and others mention that social media is for everyone and it has two sides depend on the person using

In the digital world, people should be questioning every app and wonder if it is safe. What harm might occur from using the app? We cannot just download any apps because it’s funny or everyone uses it. It is YOUR responsibility as a user and a parent to decide what the price of the entertainment you chose not only for now but for the future.